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takashyx is

“Gilgamesh the Ultimate Media Creator-Z”

(keep calm I’m getting serious)


Virtual CTO at OpenPool.

(disguise to avoid public notice)


He is a Project Manager / Hardware Engineer / Software Engineer / Media Artist / Bassist / Drummer / Composer / Recording Engineer… and any other kind of cool roles beyond your imagination(Again, I AM SERIOUS). too COOOOL .

takashyx‘s projects are mainly made as hobby for himself and his friends, not for sale.

2009-2011: Technical Director at Lab-Cafe

2013-now: Virtual CTO at OpenPool


Takashi NAKASHIMA is

Manager @ HardTech Startup Company

lives in Tokyo, Japan.


He Majored in High-Speed 3D Sensing and Model-based Vision Architecture at Ishikawa Oku Laboratory,
Department of Information Physics and Computing,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology,
University of Tokyo.

In 2009, he received bachelor’s degree in the mathematical engineering and information physics from the University of Tokyo. In 2011, he received master’s degree in the information science and technology from the University of Tokyo.

2006-2009: Financial Analyst at a Marketer Company

2010: Intern at UTEC – The University of Tokyo Edge Capital

2011: Research Assistant at The University of Tokyo

2011-2012: Management Consultant at a Japanese Consulting Company

2012-2014 : SW Engineer at a Global PC Company

2014-2020 : Data Scientist at a Venture Company

2015-2020 : CEO at Hongo Development Group Inc.

2020-now : Manager at a HardTech Startup Company

Publications / Media

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Analog and Digital Circuit, Image Processing, Control Theory, Machine Learning, C, C++(including boost/STL), C#, Java, Ruby, Rails, python, perl, javascript, CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS3, sass, scss, LAMP, nginx, Chrome Extension, Matlab, SPSS, git, svn, WinDbg, WPF, C++/CLI, Windows Store App, Windows Desktop App, UMDF etc.

If you want to contact me, see me at Lab-Cafe, or Contact Me.

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